About Me

HI, MY NAME IS EMMI HARJUNIEMI AND I´M A DESIGNER and personal brand consultant

I am an inspiring and supportive technology oriented person who helps people and organizations with their brand strategies. I am an empathic and warm personality who is easy to approach. I´ve worked in the university over the past ten years, doing all kind of thigs (university is an enabler). Mainly I´ve done career coaching and technology related stuff in projects and teaching as my title is University Teacher in Design Technology. I´m also doing my Ph.D. in the intersection of design and technology.

I am highly interested in finding people´s skills and potential – that´s why I started my own company – so that I can do more of the things I´m good at and that I love.

Welcome to my portfolio to see what I have been working through out my career!


My Ph.D. research (which is currently unfinished) consists of electronic textiles and wearables. My research explores e-textiles and wearable technology from the perspective of aesthetics and education. I use prototypes and user tests in the wild to get a better understanding of the designed products. The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Suomen Tekstiili & Muoti, Seppo Säynäjäkangas´ (Suunto founder) Science Foundation have all supported my research.