Developing Design Teaching

I have been very active on things that relate to the design technology teaching when it comes to the softwares, the learning methods or materials. I am developing and updating my own courses every time I teach those, but I´m also very motivated and interested in develop the education also more wider perspective.


I am so happy about the new minor studies called Creative Technologies! It is offered to the students of the Faculty of Art and Design and it is led by Professor Jonna Häkkilä. We live in a technological transition time and in my opinion is really important to give students the introduction to interactive product design. This quickly developing field will create new job opportunities for the designer in the very near future. This creates interesting challenges from the educational viewpoint: a need for the courses where combines multiple professional fields and developing teaching methods in educating multidisciplinary areas of design.

I have done lots of co-teaching (i.e. collaborative teaching, team.teaching) with many of my colleagues. With University Teacher Milla Johansson and University Lecturer Piia Pyrstöjärvi we taught courses together in the Creative Technologies minor studies and the result gave us a new perspective and opportunity to learn from each others and execute more than we would have done by ourselves. We co-wrote a poster about that and it has been presented in the Cumulus Conference 2019 and is available on my website.

Piloting the online learning environment LinkedIn Learning in the Faculty of Art and Design, 2018

There are few colleagues in the Faculty of Art and Design who teach more or less the softwares and technical side of the art, design and media studies. We pondered together that would be nice to have some kind of teaching materials and develop the education. We found the online learning environment LinkedIn Learning and together we arranged user study, collected feedback and presented it to the Faculty. The whole process took time two years, but it was totally worth it! The piloting of the service started in the fall 2018.

We co-wrote an article about the piloting with University Teacher Jari Mikkola. “LinkedIn Learning online learning environment in the Faculty of Art and Design in University of Lapland” is published and available in Finnish in the Design or Die project report (2018). The service is benefitting in many ways and gives opportunity to develop teaching and learning methods.

IPR AFTERNOON for design students, 2011

When design is following the trends, where goes the line of originality, artwork and copyright? I´ve been very interested in designers´ intellectual property rights and I attended to Innovation Process and IPR Rights apprenticeship contract education which was arranged by Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. The multidisciplinary group of participants was very inspiring and I learned a lot about Finnish law in IPR rights.

After the year of education I contacted the Faculty of Law in University of Lapland. There was people interested in same things: project manager Annamari Turunen, LL.D. and lecturer Petri Keskitalo LL.M. Together we arranged the short course “IPR Afternoon” which was aimed for master students of clothing, interior and textile design. The event was success. We had efficient afternoon pondering questions that students made. Especially clothing is very interesting field from the view of intellectual property rights.

After that I´ve been including appropriate amount of IPR to my every lecture. I think it is important knowledge for designers. Luckily I am teaching the very first course for all of the Faculty´s new students 😉

There are lots of ways to make multidisciplinary collaboration and I´m always open to work with people who share the same passion for design!