About Me

Hi, my name is Emmi Harjuniemi and I´m a designer, teacher and researcher.

I am an inspiring and supportive technology oriented University Teacher. I am especially skilled in combining technology and design. I´m always seeking new opportunities to develop my know-how of new technologies.

I´m a designer, but I´m also following my passion to design when I´m designing courses. I´m comfortable to be in a leading role of the projects and I like to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone. I enjoy doing collaboration with people who share the same passion for design and those projects in teaching, research and art have been very fruitful.

From industry to teaching Design Technology

I have graduated as Designer and I have Master of Arts in Clothing Design. I studied also design technology, marketing, design management and art. After graduating I wanted to know how the industry works. I got the job as product assistant and designer from Luhta, the biggest international fashion company in Finland.

I was good at what I did and I got change to do different kind of tasks. I think I learned enough and one thing I learne that I knew that I wanted to work with people and have more variable days at work. I started as project researcher in University of Lapland in beginning of the year 2010. At the same time I finished my pedagogical studies and started to teach design technology courses in the Clothing and Textile Department in University of Lapland.

I´ve challenged myself in every course to achieve a better outcome, but not forgetting that teaching and learning should be fun. I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and to notice that I´ve always learnt also in the process. I am starting my tenth teaching year and I have taught over a hundred courses. I´ve listed some of the courses here.

My journey in researching e-textiles and wearables

I started to work with wearable technologies back in 2010 when I worked in the research project in the University of Lapland. The project researched the possibilities of body scanning technology. Among other things I designed winter outerwear where was attached the wearable technology. My job was to sew it into the garment.

I saw the technological development when teaching the design technology. I decided to learn how to do wearables and e-textiles. So in the end of 2013 I ordered Arduino Uno and components and started to learn how to program. Later I took few courses to learn these new terms in Finnish.

I thought and I still think that it is important for designers learn the basics of electronic engineering and programming. I was so happy that we got the course of E-textiles to the curriculum 2015 and it is now part of the Faculty´s minor studies Creative Technologies. I would like to share my knowhow to all who are interest in so I´ve established website and Instagram account. I am happy to have colleagues who are interested in same topics and do collaboration with them.

In my Ph.D. research I´m interested in designing aesthetic wearables and e-textiles. I am also interested in how to teach these things to design students. It demands a different mindset from creative people.

Welcome to see my portfolio!

Best, Emmi