Art : Graphic and product Design

business concept of the artic design toys, 2018-

I participated to the private entrepreneur training in Fall 2018. I developed concept of design toys for people who come to visit Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. I was inspired of the Rovaniemi architecture and early winter colors of the arctic nature. The toys were made to active play with included social media integrations and of course electronics in the form of led lights. I am currently working with the next prototypes of the toys.

I won the pitching competition of the course with my idea and presentation. Click to read about the training In Finnish.

Here is my prototype of car play mat with led lights, 2018. Picture by Päivi Ojala, 2018.
advertising materials, 2018-

I´ve done few projects of graphic design for Vahava company 2018-2019. Those were to the commercial campaigns for web trainings and included advertisement material to Instagram, magazine´s web and mobile, flyers and posters. The owners personal trainers Vertti Harjuniemi ja Perttu Murtola have strong vision of the brand. Original photographs has taken graphic designer Viljami Harjuniemi.

exhibition catalogue, 2017
brochure, 2015
research report, 2011

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