Clothing Industry Experiences

I have worked in Finnish clothing industry before my academic career. I was hired as a trainee and after successful internship they hired me as a product assistant including design tasks. My boss wrote to my employment certificate that I have competed my tasks exemplarily and I´m perceiving wide areas of clothing procuring and production fields. She describes that you rarely see that high level of initiative as I have and I am very precise and trustworthy employee.

I am thankful that this experience introduced me wide areas of work tasks and I learned a lot! Several seasons were in the making at the same time and I wrote plenty of emails everyday to communicate with the overseas factories of the production. I also learned about cultural differences.

Here are some of my work tasks:

  • Designing
    • clothesprint patterns for garmentsplace print patterns for gaments
  • Instructing the production factories
    • seasons´sample collections
  • Measuring and instructing changes to the factory
    • proto garmentsapproval sample garmentsproduction sample garmentsshipping sample garmentsfitting sample garmentscouter sample garments
  • Checking and commenting
    • washed garment samplesswatch samples
  • Instructing and/or approving
    • care labelshangtagscustomers´ price instrictions and stickers for suppliercustomers´ EAN codes for suppliercustomers´ polybag instructions and stickers for supplier
  • Instructing and drawing vectors
    • garments for production production color decomposition suggestions for saleproduction color decomposation after orders
  • Drawing vectors
    • seasons´ garment and catalogs making changes
  • Tracking
    • ordersorder confirmationsdelivery/shipment scheduleflight schedulearrivals of the ordered products to the retailersmissing products
  • Authorizing
    • shipping approvals
  • Organising
    • seasons´ garments to the racks
  • Checking and updating
    • prices to the production´s instruction cardssuppliers to the production´s instruction cardsforbidden chemical lists and signatures
  • Printing and combining
    • seasons´ catalogs
    • sclients´ orders from collections
  • Collecting
    • seasons´ digital collections
  • Working with production software
    • opening the information for productsupdating the product information
  • Modeling
    • fitting model for womens´ wear
  • Familirization
    • of the technical parts of the procuring process

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