Research : Posters

Exploring Electronic DIY Toolkits with Design Students, 2019

We have arranged workshop and researched teaching electronics to design student with my colleague postdoctoral researcher Ting Pradthana Jarusriboonchai. It is important from the future job opportunities point of view that the students learn these skills, but programming differs from their other studies and demands a different mindset.

Ting Pradthana Jarusriboonchai presented the poster in The biennial Communities and Technologies (C&T) conference 2019, Vienna, Austria in the workshop W3: Thinking Outside the (Tool) Box: Exploring Empowerment Through the Design and Use of Toolkits.


This interactive poster is co-written with my colleagues University Teacher Milla Johansson and University Lecturer Piia Pyrstöjärvi, who also presented the poster in Cumulus Conference 2019 Rovaniemi. Illustarations are made by Milla Johansson, poster layout is made by Piia Pyrstöjärvi and the interaction design and technology is made by me.

Linn dress

The first version of the Linn dress was presented in the exhibition: “Decorative Applications for Self-Organized Molecular Electrochromic Systems”. Together with my colleague postdoctoral researcher Ting Pradthana Jarusriboonchai we have exlplored the possibilities of integrating electrochromatic display to garments.

Smart Handbag for Rememberin Keys, 2018

I presented the poster in the demo session, in MindTrek 2018, International Technology Conference, Tampere Finland. I got lots of good feedback from the conference visitors. The poster is co-written with Professor Jonna Häkkilä. The whole text can be found from here, the ACM Digital Library.

IoT Owl : soft tangible user interfaces for detecting the presence of people, 2016

Together with my colleague Petri Hannula from Lapland University of Applied Sciences and textile student Emma Napari we explored the possibilities with combining IoT technology and textile materials. The result was Iot Owl wrom which you can read more from the article.

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