In the beginning of my 10th year as a university teacher in design technology

Looking back on my professional career I´ve had two major turning points. The first was when I sat as an engineering student in the class room counting and learning about solid mechanics. I realized that:

“I want to design!”

The second was years later when I sat as a product assistant and designer in the industry in front of the computer in the open-plan office. I felt that:

“I want to work with people!”

Also, I had already learned that mastering computer softwares were really easy for me. I got the job as a project researcher and moved to academic world where everyday was different. I finalised my teacher studies and started to teach design technology at the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland. Now there is over a hundred kept courses and I´m feeling quite professional!  I´m also very excited about my Ph.D. studies of wearables and e-textiles.

In the beginning of the 10th year of being teacher I still like my job a lot, but I´ve noticed that no-one remembers my title or knows exactly what I´m doing. Let´s see if I could change that and grow a wider network!


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